Biden-Baldwin Bankroll Iran and Terror Affiliates

MADISON, Wis — How short is the memory of Democrats when it comes to terrorism? The answer is 39 days.

Hardly a month has passed since Hamas terrorists began their barbaric attacks against Israel — in the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. American children are still being held hostage by the perpetrators in Gaza. Yet Biden and Democrats are already in retreat, vainly trying to appease Hamas’ enablers in Tehran. 

Just today, the Biden State Department announced a sanctions waiver to provide the Iranian government a $10 billion payment via Iraq. 

This transaction was approved despite Iran being a well-known and shameless supporter of Hamas. In the wake of October 7th, credible allegations emerged that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps provided direct assistance to Hamas in planning the attacks. Intelligence officials revealed that Iran was directly involved in training and arming Hamas in the lead-up. And now, Tehran is instructing Hamas on how to manufacture their own weapons of war to use against Israel. 

And yet, the Biden State Department still thought it fit to send Iran another $10 billion. 

Sadly, none of this should come as any surprise. For years, Democrats have desperately sought the approval of the Ayatollah and his cronies to the detriment of Israel. Chief among them, Tammy Baldwin.


  • Baldwin voted against the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act, against the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act, and against a defense spending bill with new sanction tactics for Iran. 
  • During her very first run for the United States Senate, Baldwin received $60,000 from a group opposed to Iranian sanctions. 
  • Just two months ago, Baldwin was all smiles and hugs while appearing with Nadia Rahman, an activist who falsely accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing”  and the United States of being complicit in “war crimes.”

And now, an extra $10 billion just landed in Iran’s bank account courtesy of the failed leadership of Joe Biden and Tammy Baldwin.

Bottom Line: Tammy Baldwin’s record has enabled America’s enemies and exposed our allies to terrorism. Wisconsin voters deserve a senator who is focused on defending the United States and standing with Israel rather than bankrolling Hamas and Iran.