Barnes Garners Support from Radical Socialist Groups

Barnes has garnered endorsements from several advocacy groups who support the most radical and far-left ideas. The Working Families Party, People’s Action, and Color of Change all signaled their support for Barnes, showing his true liberal values no matter how hard he might try to pass as a moderate. On top of that, he already received endorsements from some of the most liberal members of Congress like AOC, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.

Here are some of the radical policy positions of the groups that want Barnes in the U.S. Senate to be an advocate for them, and not the people of Wisconsin:

  • All of the groups support either defunding or disbanding police departments, and abolishing ICE. Color of Change went as far as to call policing a “violent institution that must end.”
  • The Working Families Party advocates for abolishing the filibuster and expanding the Supreme Court. They also support socialist policies like nationalizing banks, corporations receiving bailouts, and oil companies.
  • People’s Action calls for the full decriminalization of drugs, the release of people who have been incarcerated for their drug use, and the expungement of their records. They also want to dramatically reduce the size of the military and cut spending, instead using that money for social programs.
  • Color of Change supports Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools and calls for eliminating cash bail and ending voter ID laws.
  • Peace Action, where Barnes is a member, is a strong defender of Iran and their threats against Israel, and organized a protest of the local Jewish Community Center’s Israeli Independence Day celebration in Milwaukee.

“The socialist groups that have endorsed Barnes clearly illustrate the radical policies he would advocate for in the U.S. Senate. While Barnes continues to dodge questions from local media and dupe voters into thinking he’s a moderate, his true liberal values are being showcased by the support he’s garnered from those on the far left.” – Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella