Biden is Bad for Workers, Would Bow to China

[Madison, WI] – Ahead of Joe Biden’s visit to Wisconsin today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Andrew Hitt: 

“President Trump opened up new markets with the USMCA and is putting Wisconsin workers first. He’s vowed to always protect pre-existing condition coverage, and fought hard to lower prescription drug prices. Now Joe Biden is desperately trying to reverse his eroding support amongst middle-class Americans, but he supported NAFTA — which cost American jobs — and supports a massive government expansion into health care that would jeopardize workers’ current plans. 

“Thanks to President Trump, America finally has a President willing to stand up to China for American workers and farmers. If Joe Biden wins, China wins. During his 47 years in government, Biden was one of China’s biggest cheerleaders. He championed the disastrous decision to allow China entry into the World Trade Organization, and just recently refused to call them an opponent. Biden bows to China.”