Biden-Baldwin sinking ship

MADISON, Wis. —  When it comes to Joe Biden and Tammy Baldwin, the two are indistinguishable. While Biden might look like the lone captain of a sinking ship, Baldwin’s agenda is cut from the same cloth. Baldwin, who endorsed Biden’s first presidential run, has been a rubber-stamp for Biden’s disastrous agenda over 95% of the time.

 Under Joe Biden and Tammy Baldwin’s inflationary spending, Wisconsinites saw real wages decrease and the cost of everything skyrocket:

Wisconsin households will not forget that the Biden-Baldwin agenda drove the cost of living to 40 year highs — the average Wisconsin household losing nearly $10,000 annually — and drove the national debt to balloon to over $31 trillion.  

After 4 years of inflicting massive debt and hardship onto Wisconsinites, the Baldwin-Biden ship is bound to capsize come 2024. From the economy, to human and drug trafficking emergencies, to looking weak on the world stage, Republicans are ready for the task at hand: cleaning up Biden’s shipwreck.