Bidenomics Lingers

MADISON, Wis — Do you remember when Joe Biden traveled to Wisconsin a few weeks ago to brag about his economic achievements? 

To say the celebration was premature would be an understatement.  

From the same White House that served up promises of “transitory inflation,” comes the latest in the Biden Administration spiking the football too soon, while regular Americans suffer.

From Politico

“The Labor Department said the Consumer Price Index in January was up by 3.1 percent from a year earlier. That was a decline from 3.4 percent in December but higher than the 2.9 percent that economists projected in a Bloomberg survey. Housing costs were a notable contributor to January’s increase.

“The report could put pressure on the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates higher for longer as it fights to tamp down inflation, drawing out a potential drag on consumers and businesses.”

For all of the talk of the economy picking up steam, the truth is Bidenomics remains a ball and chain for working families.

Credit card delinquencies rose by 50% in the last year. To make matters worse, the number of “serious delinquencies” of payments overdue by 90 days is at its highest level since the Great Recession

The cost of eating out has also continued to escalate, putting small business owners, restaurants, and patrons in a bind. 

Gas prices all across Wisconsin are surging again with summer still many months away. 

And employers in Wisconsin are increasingly pessimistic about what the next year will hold for business.

Either the Biden Administration is entirely delusional about its economic failures or firmly believes the American people are gullible rubes. The truth is that Wisconsinites remember better times with higher wages and lower costs thanks to Republican leadership.

Bottom Line: The clock is ticking on Bidenomics and Wisconsin voters will make sure it strikes zero on election night.