Bidenomics Overshadows Fourth of July Fireworks

MADISON, Wis. — This Fourth of July, Wisconsinites know their savings are down, real wages are down, and they have little to no confidence in the economy. Unlike Joe Biden, the numbers don’t lie — “Bidenomics” are not working for Wisconsin.

As Wisconsinites prepare to celebrate America’s birthday, they are bracing for the price tags attached to 4th of July cookouts — nearly 14% higher than the cost of 2021. This Independence Day, the fireworks will be overshadowed by skyrocketing bills.

Hamburger buns: ⬆️17%

Ground beef: ⬆️4% 

Beer: ⬆️6%

Homemade Potato Salad: ⬆️5%

Ice cream: ⬆️3%

Ketchup, mustard, relish  ⬆️9.5%

Strawberries: ⬆️3%

“Celebrating the Fourth of July with potato salad, brats, burgers, and a cold beer is a staple for Wisconsin families; thanks to Joe Biden and the Wisconsin Democrats’ inflationary spending agenda, celebrating American independence will cost more. While Democrats claim costs are down, 2023 is the second-highest cost for the holiday weekend cookout in 10 years,” said WisGOP Spokesperson Rachel Reisner. “The Fourth of July will remind Wisconsin households that while Wisconsin Republicans just voted to cut taxes and support economic freedom and personal liberties, Wisconsin Democrats will continue supporting candidates like Joe Biden and Tammy Baldwin who value excessive spending bills and a Green New Deal agenda more than hardworking Wisconsinites.”