WisGOP Announces 2024 Republican National Convention Appointments

MADISON, Wis. — Today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin announced the appointment of all three Republican National Committee (RNC) Members from Wisconsin to serve on the Committee on Arrangements (COA) for the 2024 Republican National Convention. Chairman Brian Schimming, National Committeeman Tom Schreibel, and National Committeewoman Maripat Krueger are looking forward to working alongside appointees from across the nation as Wisconsin prepares to nominate the 2024 Republican Presidential nominee.

“I look forward to working with my fellow committee members and touting my home state. Wisconsin is home to world class people, businesses, and natural beauty like Lake Michigan; there is no better place to showcase the Republican message on the world stage than the state that’s home to the Birthplace of the Republican Party. I am grateful to be working alongside Chairs Anne Hathaway and Ronna McDaniel as we plan a top-notch convention for attendees, delegates, and those who will be joining us from around the world.” –WisGOP Chairman Brian Schimming

While every state is represented on the committee, Wisconsin is one of just five states who will have the state chairman, national committeeman, and national committeewoman all appointed to the COA.

“I am eager to get to work and honored to be selected to represent Wisconsin Republicans on the national stage as we lay the groundwork to nominate the next Republican Presidential Nominee right here in Wisconsin. It’s great to see the Milwaukee team has built a strong foundation — rooted with Midwestern women like Anne Hathaway and Wisconsin’s own Elise Dickens — I could not be happier to join their efforts in making the 2024 convention a historic event for Republicans nationwide while providing economic opportunities for Wisconsin businesses and cities.” – Wisconsin RNC Committeewoman Maripat Krueger 

WisGOP is looking forward to showcasing our beautiful state and outstanding local businesses in Milwaukee. The convention will be held July 15-18, 2024, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“Serving on the Committee of Arrangements is a remarkable opportunity to bring Wisconsinites’ voice to the forefront of American politics and showcase the Milwaukee area. I am proud to represent Wisconsin and help deliver a once in a lifetime convention while setting the stage to win back the White House next November.” — Wisconsin RNC Committeeman Tom Schreibel

The COA’s leadership is appointed by Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. As previously announced, a fellow Midwest native, Anne Hathaway is serving as Committee on Arrangements Chair and Wisconsin native, Elise Dickens is serving as our convention CEO.