Big Tech Censors Senator Johnson, Milwaukee Press Club

[Madison, WI] – This weekend, Big Tech decided to not only censor a United States Senator, but journalists in the Milwaukee Press Club, the oldest continuously operated press club in North America. Previously, YouTube took down two videos from Senator Ron Johnson’s YouTube account featuring public U.S. Senate testimony from doctors discussing potential early treatment options for COVID-19. Now, the tech gurus have deleted Senator Johnson’s recording of an hourlong Milwaukee Press Club event, suspended him from the platform and removed the Milwaukee Press Club’s repost of the video featuring a public conversation between a sitting United States Senator and Wisconsin journalists.

As the Milwaukee Press Club notes, “As an organization that includes journalists as well as others who strongly support our nation’s First Amendment, the Milwaukee Press Club believes it is extremely important to provide information on topics of interest regardless of their political perspective.” YouTube claims to believe that “people should be able to speak freely, share opinions [and] foster open dialogue,” but apparently that freedom of expression is not extended to local journalists and Republican elected officials.

“It is dangerous and appalling that Big Tech is not only censoring a United States Senator, but also local journalists,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Hitt. “YouTube should allow the videos to be posted and issue a public apology to Senator Johnson and the Milwaukee Press Club immediately.”