Campaign Update

Voters know President Trump has done more in 47 months than Joe Biden has in 47 years in Washington.

  • Joe Biden is all talk and no action and offering Americans a “dark winter” while President Trump is promising a Great American Comeback. 
  • With 1 day until Election Day, the RNC and Trump campaign are in a strong position to re-elect President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot. 
  • Our data driven ground game operation is the largest in political history and we have been in the field for years.
  • Trump Victory has 3,000 staffers on the ground in battleground states.
  • The Trump Victory operation has recruited and trained over 2.6 million volunteers.
  • We have made 174,000 volunteer voter registrations. This is well beyond 46,000 volunteer voter registrations in 2016.
  • We have made 182 million voter contacts this cycle. This beats the Obama high watermark of 2012. 
  • We invested early in our data and digital operation which will allow the RNC and Trump campaign to execute an aggressive Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort.
  • In the final 110 hours of the campaign (starting Saturday morning until the polls close in the West) the Trump Victory Field Team will knock on 4.5 million doors and make over 15 million phone calls to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for President Trump and Republicans. 
  • The Biden campaign and DNC just started knocking doors in September and are playing catch up on voter contacts. 
  • President Trump is back out on the campaign trail and holding Make America Great Again rallies across the country. The enthusiasm is unprecedented.
  • Yesterday, President Trump held Make America Great Again rallies in Washington, Michigan, Dubuque, Iowa, Hickory, North Carolina, Rome, Georgia, and Miami Florida.
  • Today, President Trump will hold Make America Great Again rallies in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Traverse City, Michigan, Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the most radical ticket in history.
  • Joe Biden would immediately raise taxes. He would implement a $4 trillion tax hike on hardworking Americans and 82% of families would see their taxes go up.
  • Biden presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. 
  • Joe Biden would shut the economy back down.
  • He would not stand up to China and hold them accountable for the misinformation on coronavirus.
  • Biden would repeal the tariffs on China that have leveled the playing field and he has championed China’s entry into the World Trade Organization.
  • Joe Biden would destroy our energy sector with his disastrous $2 trillion plan. Joe Biden wants to ban fracking and would transition from the oil industry, threatening millions of jobs nationwide.
  • Joe Biden would fundamentally alter the Judicial Branch.
  • Joe Biden is not a law and order candidate. 
  • The depth of Biden’s family corruption has become increasingly well known. Biden tailored American foreign policy in order to help his son’s business interests.
  • Voters know President Trump has delivered on the countless promises he made and will never stop fighting for us. 
  • President Trump is leading our great economic comeback – over 11.4 million jobs in the past 5 months. Thursday saw the best GDP growth (33.1% for Q3) ever.
  • President Trump has negotiated freer, fairer, and more reciprocal trade deals like the historic USMCA, he has brought jobs back to America. 
  • President Trump has led a bold coronavirus response that has provided much needed resources such as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) which has saved more than 51 million jobs. 
  • President Trump inherited a disastrous Obama-Biden policy that included endless wars. Over the past 4 years, President Trump has stood up to rogue regimes, decimated ISIS, and negotiated peace agreements in the Middle East. 
  • President Trump has kept his promise to nominate 220 Federal judges – including 3 Supreme Court Justices – who will apply the Constitution as written. 
  • Under President Trump, the best is yet to come and America will be stronger than ever.

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