Dem Senate Primary Debate: Candidates Shift Blame for their Failed Policies, Offer No Real Solutions

The Democrat candidates for U.S. Senate met this evening for a debate to discuss their far-left policies and plans for higher taxes and spending. On a crowded stage, radical candidates Mandela Barnes, Alex Lasry, Sarah Godlewski, Tom Nelson and Steven Olikara advocated for their out-of-touch policies without providing any common-sense solutions for the important issues facing Wisconsin like rising crime or the border crisis.

The 41-year high inflation caused by the reckless spending of the Democrat party will cost the average American household over $8,500 over the next 12 months, but their only solutions are to spend more and exacerbate the consequences on American families and small businesses. 

“Tonight’s debate only proved that Wisconsin Democrats are failing to recognize the urgent issues affecting our communities like inflation, crime, or the border crisis. While the candidates shift blame for their party’s failed policies, Senator Ron Johnson is fighting to put Wisconsin and our country on the right track.” – Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella