Wisconsin Dems in Disarray Over U.S. Senate Candidates, State of Party

With only three weeks until August 9, Wisconsin Democrats are in disarray as pundits and liberal grassroots grow frustrated with their choices for the U.S. Senate primary election.

While liberal pundits acknowledge that “Biden’s shortcomings and progressives’ tone deafness — is part of what makes many Democrats so uneasy about this fall’s elections,” everyday Democrats say that the Democrat U.S. Senate candidates are “pretty hollow candidates, routine, tepid, measured and paid consultant driven.” 

In an opinion piece, former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz laments the trainwreck of a candidate field in the Democrat primary:

  • Mandela Barnes has “said some flat-out stupid things in the last couple of years that would come back to haunt him against Johnson.”
  • Alex Lasry: “The only thing that makes this guy a viable candidate is his dad’s $2 billion.”
  • Sarah Godlewski has “run a lackluster campaign,” and “won a statewide campaign, albeit for an office that has virtually no real responsibilities.”
  • Tom Nelson “hasn’t been able to make up for the big gap in fundraising between him and the other three top tier candidates,” and “his proposal to nationalize oil companies won’t fly in a general election.”

“Wisconsin Democrats have no viable candidate they can all support because they put up some of the most radical, out-of-touch liberals in Wisconsin. Senator Ron Johnson continues to garner statewide grassroots support for his re-election campaign as he fights for common-sense solutions for all Wisconsinites.”  – Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella