Democrats Close Out Tax Day With Massive Spending Increases, Tax Hikes

[Madison, WI] – As Wisconsinites file their taxes on today’s deadline, Wisconsin Democrats are celebrating Tax Day 2021 by fighting for tax hikes and massive spending increases at the expense of Wisconsin families. 

President Joe Biden: The early months of Joe Biden’s presidency have been marked by a tax and spend agenda. Joe Biden has pledged to repeal Republicans’ historic tax cuts and is calling for over $3 trillion in new tax hikes — the largest proposed tax hike in recent history — and more than $6 trillion in new spending with Wisconsinites footing the bill.

Gov. Tony Evers: In his 2018 bid for governor, Tony Evers declared that he was “planning to raise no taxes.” However, Tax Hike Tony has since changed course and is now ringing in Tax Day by trying to impose over $1 billion in tax hikes on Wisconsin families to pay for the hundreds of far-left priorities included in his liberal wish list budget. Fortunately, Republicans on the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee gutted these tax increases among many other anti-growth proposals that would have stifled Wisconsin’s economic recovery.

Rep. Ron Kind: Republicans’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act spurred historic economic growth, and the average Wisconsinite received $1,400 in relief. Nonetheless, Ron Kind voted against Republicans’ historic tax cut and continues to support the Democrats’ bloated spending initiatives that will stifle our economy and fall on the backs of taxpayers.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin: Tammy Baldwin is backing Joe Biden’s so-called “infrastructure” plan, of which only 7 percent benefits roads, bridges, waterways, ports and airports. The proposal does, however, promise to hit Americans with $2 trillion in tax hikes that would lower wages and shrink the economy. Of course, this is par for the course for Baldwin, who has supported tax hikes throughout her tenure in the U.S. Senate.

“Democrats like Tony Evers and Ron Kind want to spend unprecedented amounts of money on divisive priorities and force Wisconsin taxpayers to foot the bill,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Republicans want to empower Wisconsinites with more money in their pockets to make the best decisions for their families. The difference is clear.”