Dysfunction Reigns at Tony Evers’ DSPS

[Madison, WI] – While Wisconsin suffers from a labor shortage, the plight of business owners and workers has only gotten worse under Tony Evers. For months, Evers’ state licensing agency has forced workers, including frontline health care workers like nurses and respiratory therapists who protect public health, into a bureaucratic black hole as they await the licenses they need to do their jobs.

According to a new report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “The agency could not say how many people are currently awaiting licenses in the state. But the situation is drawing fire from critics of Gov. Tony Evers, whose administration was slammed in 2020 for delays in processing unemployment payments, and from those on the frontlines who have positions hung up in the process.”

This comes after Evers’ disastrous Department of Workforce Development forced unemployed Wisconsinites into a year-long backlog while they awaited their benefits. Meanwhile, Evers is trying to blame the Legislature for his administration’s issues while running ads claiming that he’ll “work with anybody” to get “results.”

“Tony Evers’ administration is dysfunctional, and it’s forcing Wisconsin workers on the sidelines while businesses struggle to fill open positions,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Wisconsin needs Tim Michels in office to fix Evers’ broken government.”