Protasiewicz campaign enlists help from group linked to Atlanta domestic terror attack

MADISON, Wis –  Janet Protasiewicz has been endorsed by a liberal group that employed one of the individuals charged with domestic terrorism, participating in the recent violent attacks on Atlanta law enforcement.

Grace Martin, a recent fellow at 350 Wisconsin, was part of the violent mob that attacked Atlanta police officers, bombarding them with “large rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and fireworks.”  

Martin, one of the rioters arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. 350 Wisconsin endorsed #NoJailJanet for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In response to the attack, 350 Wisconsin still supports Martin — who they describe as “a valued member of the staff team.”

“Janet Protasiewicz is so extreme that she would be enlisting help from anti-police domestic terrorists,” said RPW Spokesperson Rachel Reisner. “Protasiewicz has a soft-on-crime record that aligns perfectly with unhinged rioters like Grace Martin of 350 Wisconsin.  Protasiewicz is law enforcement’s worst nightmare, and will make cleaning up our streets nearly impossible.”