Wisconsin Republicans Unite for Daniel Kelly Ahead of April Election

MADISON, Wis – With less than one month until election day, conservative leaders from across Wisconsin are united in support of Justice Daniel Kelly. While Janet Protasiewicz has been exposed for empowering criminals, telling Wisconsin voters she would put her thumb on the scales of justice, and prejudging cases likely to come before the Court, Justice Kelly has remained committed to protecting our constitutional rights and upholding the rule of law.

Protasiewicz continues to run her campaign like a legislative race, openly telegraphing her liberal “values” on Wisconsin voters and promising to legislate from the bench by putting her finger on the scale when deciding cases.

Justice Kelly’s commitment to the Constitution has earned him the support of all Republican members of the Wisconsin State Legislature and Federal congressional delegation. Wisconsin Republicans from every corner of the state are proud to support a conservative constitutionalist, Justice Daniel Kelly, ahead of the April 4th election.

Read letters in support of Kelly below:

Letter from Republican Members of Wisconsin Congressional Delegation

Letter from Republican Members of Wisconsin State Senate 

Letter from Republican Members of Wisconsin State Assembly