FACT CHECK: Democrats Shift Blame for Soft-on-Crime Failures

Democrats know that rising crime will be a major campaign issue in 2022 – yet instead of owning up to their failures, they’re trying to blame Republicans. In a new ad, the liberal PAC Majority Forward took a swing at Senator Johnson’s voting record on crime, but neglected to mention Democrats’ history of emboldening far-left movements like “defund the police” while failing to hold bad actors accountable.

Here are the facts on the Democrats’ failed crime policies:

  • Violent crime is at the highest level in over 35 years.
  • After Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s office authorized $1,000 bail for Waukesha Christmas parade suspect Darrell Brooks, Tony Evers refused to hold him accountable.
  • As state legislator, Mandela Barnes sponsored a bill to eliminate cash bail.
  • During the violent riots in Kenosha, Evers and Barnes refused federal help and were fanning the flames of violence with their public statements.
  • Tony Evers vetoed Republicans’ bills to disincentivize cities from defunding the police and enhance penalties for rioters.
  • Josh Kaul’s failed crime labs are taking longer to process evidence in key areas like DNA analysis and controlled substances, despite lower caseloads. 
  • In a press conference that was interrupted by gunfire, Evers vaguely announced ARPA funding for “violence prevention,” but didn’t even spend it as of January.

“Wisconsin families deserve to feel safe in their communities, but the Democrats’ failed policies are enabling crime spikes. Instead of shifting blame, Wisconsin Democrats need to take ownership of their failures and enact policies that will keep Wisconsinites safe.” – Republican Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Mike Marinella