Gov. Tony Evers Continues to Fail on Vaccine Rollout

January 29, 2021

[Madison, WI] – Gov. Tony Evers is out of excuses for his botched vaccine rollout as Wisconsin remains one of the worst states in the country for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the worst in the midwest to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine.

After scoffing at the state legislature’s efforts to help back in December, saying that the idea “[didn’t] even pass the smell test,” Gov. Tony Evers has had trouble keeping track of who to blame for his own failures — pointing fingers at everyone from President Trump, to Vice President Pence, to the very legislature whose help he refused. Now, he’s even saying that the legislature is doing too much — claiming that they are trying to “dictate” the rollout process in the wake of his failure.

Unfortunately for Evers, he no longer has President Trump to blame, and this failure falls squarely on him. As Governor Evers’ failed rollout emerged as number 48 in the country today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Communications Director Anna Kelly:

“Gov. Tony Evers insisted on taking charge of Wisconsin’s vaccine rollout and is out of people to blame for his miserable failure. Instead of looking for help from the legislature or looking to best practices in other states when Wisconsin fell behind, Gov. Tony Evers remains ‘satisfied’ with mediocrity and Wisconsin being one of the worst states in the nation to distribute the vaccine. Wisconsinites deserve a Governor who won’t settle for last.”