ICYMI: Wisconsin GOP Congressmen fight back against job-crushing Keystone Pipeline cancellation

January 25, 2021

[Madison, WI] – On Friday, three Wisconsin Republican Congressmen called on Joe Biden to immediately reconsider his job-crushing cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline, which will eliminate the livelihoods of “hundreds” of Badger State workers.

Congressman Bryan Steil, Congressman Glenn Grothman and Congressman Scott Fitzgerald cited the immediate repercussions cancelling the pipeline will have on both blue collar jobs and America’s relationship with Canada. Michels Corporation, a Wisconsin-based construction contractor, was forced to lay off hundreds of workers, many of whom live in Wisconsin, as a result of Biden’s costly decision.

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Wisconsin Congressmen: ‘Hundreds’ of WI workers to lose their jobs after Keystone pipeline halted
Jackson Danbeck
January 22, 2021

Three Republican Wisconsin Congressmen joined the backlash against the White House’s decision to halt the Keystone pipeline project, claiming that “hundreds” of Wisconsin workers are losing their jobs as the massive and controversial construction project ground to a halt this week.

Over 1,000 jobs connected to the Keystone project will be eliminated in the coming weeks, Keystone XL President Richard Prior said earlier this week. “Hundreds” of those jobs being eliminated are held by Wisconsin workers, the Republican Congressmen claimed Friday.

“I find his decision disgusting. Hundreds of Wisconsin workers lost their jobs because of what Joe Biden did. He needs to reconsider this action and put Wisconsin workers back to work,” Rep. Steil told reporters.

A general manager for Michels at the briefing also said that hundreds of workers have been laid off, and “a lot of them live in Wisconsin.”

Rep. Grothman focused on the potential repercussions of the decision on the U.S.’s largest trading partners and neighbors, Canada and Mexico.

“It is so important we have good relations with the both of them,” Grothman said. “I’m sure Canada thought this was a done deal. This is part of their economic development. And on day one, Biden comes out of the chute and pops Canada right in the face. Amateur night at the White House, I’ll tell you that.”

Rep. Fitzgerald used his several minutes at the press briefing to call for a legislative push to revoke President Biden’s executive order shutting the pipeline down.

“I’m hopeful not only by being here today but I think other elected officials – whether at the state legislative level or in Congress – that is where the answer is to reverse this,” he said. Fitzgerald also called on Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin to urge the White House to reverse the decision.

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