Grassroots Republicans Look Ahead to Primary in Statewide Elections

[Middleton, WI] – Today, grassroots activists at the Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention in Middleton opted for no endorsement in several statewide elections – signaling their desire to allow candidates to continue to make their case to voters ahead of the August primary.

Among other requirements, participants in the endorsement process were asked to sign a unity pledge promising that they will support whichever candidate emerges victorious from the primary.

“Today’s endorsement vote signaled the grassroots’ desire to allow all voices to be heard ahead of the August primary, and we look forward to hearing from the candidates as they continue to make their case in the coming months,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Paul Farrow. “As failed Democrat leadership remains on full display with historic inflation, rising crime, and a crippled education system, Republicans are well-positioned to bring our message to voters and win this fall.”

This year’s convention featured the most gubernatorial candidates on the ballot in history. Ahead of the primary, Republicans will continue to work hand-in-hand with Senator Ron Johnson’s campaign, bring Tony Evers’ failed record to light, and bolster the strength of our county parties.