Candidates to Appear at WisGOP State Convention

[Middleton, WI] – The Republican Party of Wisconsin announced today the statewide candidates who are slated to address Republican delegates at the 2022 State Convention in Middleton. These speakers were granted this opportunity upon participating in the party’s endorsement process, which included proving that they met certain viability requirements, interviewing with the state Endorsement Committee, and receiving final approval by the state Executive Committee.

With the defeat of Tony Evers and the Democrats being of the highest importance in 2022, the WisGOP wants those attending the convention to hear from as many candidates as possible. This year, the Executive Committee has voted to allow a greatly expanded list of candidates to be considered viable – allowing them to make their case and seek the endorsement of the GOP grassroots. 

Additionally, candidates who participated in the party’s endorsement process but did not meet viability requirements can be considered for endorsement if they receive a floor nomination from the delegation of their home county, as well as county delegations from two separate congressional districts.

Statewide candidates currently invited to speak at the convention include:

Candidates for Governor:

  • Rebecca Kleefisch
  • Tim Michels
  • Kevin Nicholson
  • Tim Ramthun

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor:

  • Will Martin
  • Roger Roth
  • Patrick Testin
  • Ben Voelkel
  • Jonathan Wichmann

Candidates for Attorney General:

  • Adam Jarchow
  • Eric Toney

Candidate for State Treasurer:

  • Orlando Owens

Candidate for Secretary of State:

  • Amy Loudenbeck

Candidates expected to seek floor nominations Saturday morning to be considered for the state party endorsement include candidate for governor Adam Fischer, candidates for lieutenant governor David Varnam and Cindy Werner, and candidate for Secretary of State Jay Schroeder.