“I Think We’re All Done” — Sen. Harris’ Wisconsin Fiasco

[Madison, WI] – For the first time since being announced as Joe Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris hit the campaign trail and visited Wisconsin. She and Biden skipped the DNC in Milwaukee weeks ago because of COVID, but have suddenly made two trips to the state in less than a week — despite rising numbers of COVID cases. 

The trip underscores just how out of touch the liberal California senator is with Wisconsin voters. Her visit was highlighted by attacks on her anti-worker record, questions over her abandoning Wisconsin during the DNC, and press handlers rushing her away from a staged event before questions.

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Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes opens Harris event to questions, Harris is rushed away by handlers

“I think we’re all done,” Harris said. 

VP Mike Pence Bashes Harris for vote against USMCA (via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel):

“I heard that Joe Biden’s running mate is in Milwaukee today,” he said. “But dairy farmers in Wisconsin deserve to know that Sen. Kamala Harris is one of only ten senators to vote against the USMCA. She said it didn’t go far enough on climate change.

“Now, here at Dairyland Power, you deserve to know Sen. Harris put their radical environmental agenda ahead of Wisconsin dairy and ahead of Wisconsin power. But under President Donald Trump we will always put Wisconsin farmers, Wisconsin businesses and Wisconsin families first.”

Harris gets asked why she’s in Milwaukee now after refusing to travel during the DNC (via FOX6):
FOX6: “You didn’t accept the nomination here for vice president, here in Milwaukee. You did accept it in Delaware, but now, you’re back a couple weeks later, present here. What changed?”

Harris: “It was very important for me to come to Milwaukee, as my first trip since I’ve been on the ticket,” said Harris. “There’s so much good work that is happening in Milwaukee, and there’s so much work that needs to be done in support of Milwaukee, and I wanted this to be my first trip, and Joe did, too.”

FOX6: “There was disappointment, though, that you weren’t here in person for what happened in Delaware, with the fireworks, and the speeches and things like that.”

Harris: “It was a decision that no one was excited to make.”