Vice President Pence, Kamala Harris to Visit Wisconsin on Labor Day

[Madison, WI] – On Labor Day, Vice President Mike Pence visited Onalaska while Joe Biden’s running mate — Senator Kamala Harris — visited Milwaukee. Ahead of the visit, Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Hitt released the following statement, contrasting how President Trump and Vice President Pence are standing up for working Wisconsinites against liberals like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: 

“We’re honored to have Vice President Pence in Wisconsin once again. Last week’s jobs report is proof positive that a Trump-Pence Administration is best suited to lead the Great American Comeback. We added 1.4 million jobs — over twice the number of any one month under the Obama-Biden Administration. On top of that, pro-growth policies like the USMCA and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act have put American workers first. 

“As Vice President, Joe Biden presided over the worst recovery since the Great Depression. Now he and Kamala Harris are pushing to raise taxes and supporting liberal policies like the Green New Deal that would prove disastrous for working Wisconsinites. Kamala Harris even supported ending private health insurance while running for president. Wisconsin can’t afford their far-left policies.”