ICYMI: Biden-Baldwin Border Crisis Hits Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis — In case you missed it, the Biden-Baldwin border crisis has hit Whitewater, Wisconsin, as the unchecked wave of migrants overwhelms communities far north of the Rio Grande.

From Fox 11 (WLUK-TV):

“In a letter to the president, Whitewater Police Chief Daniel Meyer reportedly said an estimated 800 to 1,000 migrants have arrived to his city since early 2022. He argued Whitewater is currently unable to ‘properly serve’ its migrant population, noting the ‘great strain’ the city is under.

“‘We are in dire need of additional resources,’ Meyer wrote in the letter obtained by WKOW 27 News. ‘We need additional staffing, specifically in the police department.’”

The humanitarian and national security crises at the border have spiraled out of control. With the number of terror suspects attempting to enter the United States on the rise, major cities overwhelmed by the influx of migrants, and the Biden Administration more interested in suing states rather than protecting the border, small communities like Whitewater are now shouldering the burden of open border policies.

Wisconsinites are tired of being caught up in the maelstrom of incompetence by Joe Biden and Tammy Baldwin. Voters will no longer pay the price of their negligence and instead vote for responsible conservative leadership in 2024.