WisGOP Chair Schimming Named to Republican Mayors Association National Board

MADISON, Wis — The Republican Party of Wisconsin announced that Chairman Brian Schimming was appointed by the Republican Mayors Association to serve as an inaugural member of the RMA National Board.

“Chairman Schimming brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the RMA National Board. But more importantly, he brings a love of the Republican Party and its core values and a heartfelt desire to grow our party’s presence in our nation’s cities, starting with Milwaukee and Madison,” said RMA Chairman and President, Mayor Eric L. Johnson of Dallas. “Chairman Schimming knows what it takes to win in some of the toughest battleground districts in America, and his expertise will serve us well as the RMA expands its reach into the Midwest.”

“I was honored to be asked to serve on the Republican Mayors Association National Board,” said WisGOP Chairman Brian Schimming. “Investing in and rebuilding Wisconsin communities is a mission of mine. Now more than ever, our cities desperately need common sense leadership rooted in conservative principles. I look forward to working with Mayor Johnson and the RMA team to deliver a better future for Wisconsin and all Americans.”

Schimming looks forward to putting his decades of experience in public service and community development to use with the RMA National Board. From serving as Chief Operating Officer of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority to his time as Administrator of the Division of Housing & Intergovernmental Relations, Schimming believes vibrant and prosperous cities begin with Republican leadership.