ICYMI: Evers’ Regents Snub Governor & DEI, Pass Vos’ UW Deal

MADISON, Wis — In case you missed it, the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents voted yesterday evening to reverse its prior decision on Saturday and, instead, approve the compromise reached between System President Rothman and Speaker Vos. This deal refocuses DEI positions at UW to further student success, provides funding for employee pay raises, and a new engineering building at UW-Madison. 

This comes on the heels of the Board of Regents rejecting the deal just last weekend, followed by the holding of a secretive discussion behind closed doors on Tuesday, which the Legislative Council opined—at the request of Democrats of the Legislative Black Caucus—was a violation of state law. 

Despite Governor Evers praising the Regents after they rejected the deal on Saturday, last night it was three of the Governor’s own appointees to the Board who changed their minds and delivered the necessary votes to pass the agreement with Speaker Vos. This decision was contrary to Evers’ statement on Saturday stating that a rejection was, “best for our past, present, and future students, faculty, and staff, and the institutions that have defined our state for generations.”

Bottom Line: Wisconsinites deserve an education system focused on teaching rather than indoctrinating. The fact that three of Governor Evers’ own Regents voted to redirect DEI resources is a clear rebuke of leftist Democrats putting woke ideology ahead of learning in our schools.