ICYMI: Karofsky’s Hypocrisy Grows After Democrats Throw $1.3 Million Behind Her Campaign

April 2, 2020

[Madison, WI] – In case you missed it, after Jill Karofsky attacked Justice Daniel Kelly for merely standing in front of Trump signs at events, Karofsky accepted $1.3 Million in help from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. 

Jill Karofsky’s hypocrisy truly knows no bounds. After insisting to voters for months that she is nonpartisan, Karofsky went to the state Democratic party and liberal interest groups for help to put her on the bench. In addition to donations from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Karofsky is getting help from Eric Holder’s dark money group, Planned Parenthood, and the Wisconsin working families party, among others. Karofsky is also now endorsed by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

If Karofsky is so opposed to Justice Kelly merely going to events to speak with supporters of President Donald Trump, why would she accept more than $1.3 million from Democratic Party of Wisconsin alone to put her on the bench? Karofsky is willing to do or say anything to get herself on the bench, even if it means outright lying about her record, her intentions, and her opponent.

Karofsky’s deep ties to liberal groups and the Democratic Party are not in any way new. She already promised to be a social justice warrior from the bench of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, proudly participated in an anti-trump rally, and aligned herself with liberal groups since starting her campaign.

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Bice: Jill Karofsky chided Dan Kelly for his GOP ties. Then she took $1.3 million from Democratic Party.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Daniel Bice
April 1, 2020

Dane County Judge Jill Karofsky and her allies have repeatedly pilloried her opponent, state Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly, for his close ties to conservative special interest groups and the Republican Party. 

“This is a guy who was endorsed by Donald Trump,” Karofsky recently said of Kelly. “This is someone who is running his Supreme Court campaign out of the Wisconsin GOP headquarters.”

Strong words.

But after finishing a distant second in the February primary, Karofsky and her campaign made an interesting decision: They turned to a political party and special interest groups for help.

Records filed this week show that Karofsky’s campaign has accepted nearly $1.3 million in cash and in-kind contributions from the state Democratic Party. The party covered such expenses as $258,000 in consulting fees and $50,000 for a survey. 

In addition, the Dane County judge took in a total of $170,000 from such liberal groups as AFSCME, affiliates of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, Planned Parenthood and the Teamsters.

But Charles Nichols, campaign manager for Kelly, said Karofsky’s actions have not matched her words. She has been highly critical of the incumbent justice yet has funded her campaign with money from unions, political parties and special interest groups. 

Those groups, Nichols said, will want something in return if she wins. 

“Democrats and liberal special interest groups are dumping millions into Karofsky’s campaign because they know she’ll eagerly serve as their political puppet to help rig the system in their favor,” Nichols said.

Read the full write up here.