ICYMI: Republicans are Winning on Education

[Madison, WI] – In case you missed it, parents are taking back their local governments across the country. In Wisconsin’s spring election on Tuesday, conservatives across the state saw resounding victories, and the Republican Party of Wisconsin was successful in roughly 70 percent of school districts that we targeted – including in swing and lean Democrat areas.

Conservatives’ success is a testament to both the strength of Republicans’ infrastructure and to the fact that parents are fed up with far-left influence in our children’s education. After two years of greater attention on divisive curriculum, school closures, and mask mandates, parents are responding by standing up and participating in local elections – and they’ll do so again in November.

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Revolt of the Parents
Editorial Board
Wall Street Journal
April 6, 2022

America’s fed-up parents on Tuesday sent another set of school board incumbents to the timeout corner to reflect on what they’ve done wrong. This time the elections were in Waukesha, Wis., a suburb of Milwaukee. The races were nonpartisan officially, yet it was a win for a slate backed by the state and local GOP.

Three Waukesha school incumbents lost their seats, one in the primary, two on Tuesday. “Our children have endured an awful lot in the past two years navigating a pandemic that unleashed mandates, restrictive rules, remote learning and constant changes to their normal school routine,” one of the winning challengers, Mark Borowski, says on his website. He also criticizes—and he ran against—“equity initiatives” that “infiltrated district curriculum,” while dividing students and “espousing falsehoods about America.”

The incumbents protested that Mr. Borowski and the other challengers were running on national GOP talking points. But the arguments had local resonance.

Last year a Waukesha kindergarten teacher was suspended for a day after she refused to take down a gay and transgender pride flag she had hung in her classroom. The local teachers union urged staff to wear rainbows in solidarity. Parents could be forgiven for wondering about this seeming focus on ideological activism instead of education.

More news from Tuesday: Down the highway in Kenosha, Wis., sadly famous for the rioting of 2020, a Republican won the county executive seat for the first time in decades. Could the riots and their aftermath have mobilized voters to make a change?