More Unpopular Friday Vetoes From Tony Evers

Tony Evers Rejects Bills to Support Law Enforcement, Provide Education Transparency

[Madison, WI] – Friday afternoon vetoes have become a hallmark of Tony Evers’ three years of “governing” – and last week, Evers set a record for the governor with the most vetoes in state history. Last Friday, Evers once again tried to veto critical legislation under the radar, including a slew of education and public safety bills, in his quest to hide his far-left stances from the public.

Some of Evers’ more than 40 vetoes would have:

  • Established uniform standards for school accountability reports
  • Required screening children’s reading abilities earlier and more often and creating personalized reading plans for at-risk students
  • Launched a campaign to recruit more law enforcement officers
  • Increased penalties for damaging historic buildings, statues, and landmarks
  • Ensured that bad actors could not commit voter fraud in nursing homes
  • Clarified requirements for voters to mark themselves as “indefinitely confined”
  • Implemented talent attraction programs to help Wisconsin’s labor shortage

This comes after Evers’ vetoed the Legislature’s bill to impose tougher penalties on rioters at the end of March – suggesting that such a bill could infringe on rioters’ First Amendment rights. 

“Tony Evers doesn’t want Wisconsinites to know that he doesn’t support law enforcement, wants to hinder educational transparency, and won’t get behind commonsense election integrity reforms that would make it harder to cheat,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “If Evers wants to govern from the far-left fringe of his party, he should at least be transparent about where he stands.”