ICYMI: Tammy Baldwin continues crusade against biological females — honored by advocates of gender transition treatments for children

MADISON, Wis. — In case you missed it, Tammy Baldwin doubled-down on her anti-women agenda that harms children at the same time. The Human Rights Campaign, a group that pushes legislation that supposedly benefits the transgender community, honored Tammy Baldwin at their Fall Luncheon. Fox News points out that Tammy’s role as a “trailblazer” for transgender rights has come at the cost of the safety of women in sports, and the protection of children from permanently life-altering medical treatments. 

Though 71 percent of Wisconsinites believe that transgender athletes should compete on sports teams that match their biological sex, and 56 percent of Wisconsinites support a ban on minors having access to hormone therapies or sex-changing surgeries, Baldwin continues to push her out-of-touch agenda. Instead of listening to Wisconsin parents, Baldwin is aligning herself with far-left activists, like Nadia Rahman, to promote unpopular, dangerous policies. 

While the people of Wisconsin suffer from rising inflation, pay cuts, and increased monthly expenditures, Tammy Baldwin is attending luncheons and drinking mimosas. 

Despite studies, commentary from anthropologists and doctors, the voices of frustrated women and concerned parents, Baldwin trivializes the transgender issue. Baldwin’s pandering to a far-left audience won’t fare well with Wisconsinites. 

Wisconsinites deserve to know: at what age does Tammy Baldwin support children receiving life changing surgery and prescription treatments?

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