WisDems Socialist Caucus refuses to condemn Hamas terrorism

MADISON, Wis. — In case you missed it, today the Wisconsin Assembly voted unanimously to condemn Hamas’ barbaric attack against Israel. However, three Democratic members of the Assembly, including two members of their Socialist Caucus, refused to vote to denounce the terrorism inflicted on the Israeli people this week. 

While 95 other members of the Assembly voted to support this moral and just resolution, radical Wisconsin Democratic Reps. Ryan Clancy, Darrin Madison, and LaKeshia Myers are doubling down on their hate. In fact, Clancy and Madison continue to proudly label themselves members of the Democratic Socialists of America: all while national Democrats, even Squad members AOC and Jamaal Bowman, have disavowed the DSA after their disgusting, antisemitic actions since the attacks on Israel began. 

Furthermore, on Sunday, Rep. Clancy posted a graphic writing off the genocidal violence this week against Israelis as contextually irrelevant. This has brought about rebukes and scrutiny of the WisDem’s Socialist Caucus from their own side. In fact, Democratic member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, Ann Jacobs, is now seeking a primary challenger to oppose Clancy’s re-election. While Jacobs is speaking out against Clancy, other Wisconsin Democrats have remained mum, despite their members’ disturbing, antisemitic words and actions.

Reporters: Statewide elected Democrats, and the leadership of WisDems and Legislative Democrats should have to answer outright—will they continue to support and fund the radical Democratic Socialists in their Party, who side with Hamas terrorists over the massacre of innocent Israelis?

Bice: State Elections Commission member wants to oust lawmaker over pro-Palestinian post

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dan Bice


A member of the state Elections Commission, Ann Jacobs, is vowing to do everything she can to oust one of the two socialist members of the state Legislature.

The reason: His provocative Facebook posts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Clancy — who abstained Thursday from voting on an Assembly resolution denouncing Hamas’ attacks — then added the single word: “Context.”

“My state representative wants more dead Jews,” she wrote. “Apparently then Israel would be allowed to defend itself from the terrorists who have killed hundreds and wounded thousands. What actual democrat will primary this SOB? Because I will max out. I will host fundraisers. I will not stand for someone who endorses this terrible event.”

“You are not better than that,” she wrote. “Your post speaks for itself and I will let the world know. Apparently you are ok with the murder and rape and kidnapping of civilians until the # of dead equals your chart. It is disgusting and crystal clear. Embrace your hate.”

Clancy, who was elected to the Assembly last year without a Democratic opponent, said he was surprised by Jacobs strong response to his post and doesn’t know what was driving it.

But the second-term Milwaukee County supervisor, who has drawn heat for his past comments critical of police, declined to say whether he favored trying to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict via a two-state solution — an Israeli state for Jewish people and a Palestinian one for Palestinians — or some other framework.

Closer to home, Clancy also declined to weigh in on some of the incendiary posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, by the Milwaukee chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Said one such post: “Our government gives billions of dollars a year to Israel in high-tech military equipment and uses our veto power at the UN to shield Israel from accountability. As US citizens, we have a duty to speak out. To stay silent is to be complicit in war crimes and ethnic cleansing.”

Clancy said he does not hold a leadership position in the local chapter of the DSA and wouldn’t comment on a post he hadn’t seen.

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