Janet Protasiewicz Ducks Debates

Far-left state Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz is ducking debates with Justice Daniel Kelly. While Kelly has agreed to over 10 debates, Protasiewicz has conveniently declined several debates pushing off any debates until March 21, when early voting is well underway.

It’s no wonder why. #NoJailJanet is unable to defend her soft-on-crime record and is horrified of being held accountable for her prejudgments on issues like the legislative maps, Act 10, or unrestricted abortion up until or past the moment of birth. 

Politician Protasiewicz has defended sharing and imposing her liberal values and believes the electorate should know her values — so why is she afraid to defend them now, before she hopes to impose them on everyone else? Is she afraid to explain how giving weak sentences to child sexual predators or a mother who starved her son to death is “fair?” 

The Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Brian Schimming:

“Wisconsinites deserve better than Janet Protasiewicz and her record of coddling criminals while she puts her liberal values above protecting our communities,” said WisGOP Chairman Brian Schimming. “Janet Protasiewicz will use the state Supreme Court to usurp the role of the legislature, applying the “Rule of Janet,” rather than upholding the rule of law.  It’s an agenda she can’t defend and why she ducks debates.”