Two Peas in a Pod: Barnes & Protasiewicz

MADISON, Wis – Recently, Janet Protasiewicz acquired an endorsement from one of Wisconsin’s most dangerous liberal politicians and a defund-the-police advocate: Mandela Barnes. Protasiewicz and Barnes are a match made in heaven for Wisconsin criminals. 

#NoJailJanet’s soft-on-crime record parallels suggestions Mandela Barnes’ has offered to combat the serious crime and drug problems currently wreaking havoc on Wisconsin communities.

Barnes proposed to cut the prison population in half, eliminate cash bail, and defund the police because he says it isn’t as aggressive as people paint it, and fought to downgrade bail-jumping to a misdemeanor — even for those facing felony charges.

While Barnes has proposed countless soft-on-crime policies, Janet has been able to actually implement the approach in her courtroom. Janet’s history of weak sentences is in lockstep with Mandela Barnes’ goal of cutting the prison population in half. Janet refused prison time for a mom who starved her son to death or other criminals guilty of sexual assault and rape and only 14 months for a man who raped his unconscious cousin.

“Now that Janet Protasiewicz is showcasing her support from Mandela Barnes, Wisconsin voters have a clear indication of just how dangerous #NoJailJanet is,” said WisGOP Spokesperson Rachel Reisner. “Just like Barnes, Protasiewicz has prioritized criminals over public safety, which is why Justice Daniel Kelly has the backing of the Milwaukee Police Association and law enforcement. Protasiewicz has disregarded public safety by deeming no prison time for rapists as “appropriate” — a clear indication to voters of what her approach will be in the courtroom.”