Janet Protasiewicz Passes the Buck on Criminal Defense & Victim Bashing

MADISON, Wis.What do you call someone who doesn’t think criminals should have defense attorneys, but thinks they should get off the hook with a free get-out-of-jail card? Janet Protasiewicz. 

In case you missed it, Protasiewicz tried to point fingers at anyone but her actions including her “ad makers.”

Seriously, that’s the needle Protasiewicz recently tried to thread with an attack ad against Justice Daniel Kelly blasting his work as a criminal defense attorney and for a case that he only did pre-trial work for.

Protasiewicz tried to pass the buck after bashing criminal defense attorneys and even the victims themselves — for “not wanting to show up to court” and “frequent recantations.”

Who could blame the victim for not wanting to show up before Protasiewicz after their horrific experiences. 

It’s a pretty bizarre attempt to rewrite reality for someone whose record includes one egregious slap-on-the-wrist sentence after another, for some of the most deplorable criminals imaginable:

Protasiewicz doesn’t seem to lose much sleep over any of this, either. In fact, she’s defended her soft-on-crime record as “fair and appropriate” and has turned a deaf ear to pleas from underaged sexual assault victims who questioned her lenient sentencing in court.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Wisconsinites aren’t buying her attempted pivot. Among Janet’s critics are traditionally liberal political allies, who agree Protasiewicz’s attack is in bad faith and bashes the judicial system, specifically criminal defense attorneys, as a whole. Won’t take accountability for their own actions, lies.

Then again, with pro-crime judges like Janet Protasiewicz on the bench, who really needs a defense attorney anyway?