WisGOP Statement in Response to Joe Biden Abandoning Wisconsin

[Madison, WI] – In response to Joe Biden formally abandoning the state of Wisconsin, the Republican Party of Wisconsin issued the following statement from Chairman Andrew Hitt: 

“Now that Joe Biden is formally abandoning the city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin, it’s becoming clear that Democrats have not learned from their mistakes in 2016 and are poised to repeat them again in 2020. 

“Joe Biden has not visited the state of Wisconsin once this year and now is using coronavirus concerns as an excuse for his absence despite recent travel to other states. What’s even more clear in Joe Biden’s refusal to travel to even take a private plane to Milwaukee to accept his party’s nomination in a nearly empty room, is that he would rather use the COVID-19 pandemic for political gain rather than lead the country. 

“Do Democrats think that they can keep Joe Biden hidden in his basement through Election Day?”

Facts to consider: 

  • Delaware has 15,708 cases of COVID-19 per million people with 603 deaths per million. Wisconsin has 9,628 cases per million with 165 deaths per million. 
  • Wisconsin is the 34th state in the country for cases per million and 35th in the country for deaths per million–well below the national average. Delaware is above the national average in both metrics.