Josh Kaul Passes the Buck Again

[Madison, WI] – Josh Kaul is closing out 2021 with a pile of eyebrow-raising headlines. After Kaul spent his 2018 campaign criticizing Brad Schimel for the performance of the DOJ crime lab, Kaul’s own crime lab has been less efficient despite taking on fewer cases. However, as usual, Josh Kaul deflected blame and even suggested to WisPolitics that his failures were not his fault.

It’s not the first time Kaul has struggled to align his words with his actions. After saying during his 2018 campaign that “the public also has a right to know what’s going on at the Capitol and the assurance that allegations are taken seriously and fully investigated,” Kaul took over a year to release a report on workplace abuse and discrimination within the DOJ – and still included heavy redactions. Coincidentally enough, Kaul has now promoted the official who came forward with serious allegations against the department.

Meanwhile, while violent crime continues to rise, Josh Kaul is adopting the Tony Evers approach by proposing to throw money at the problem while failing to take public safety seriously.

“Josh Kaul can’t protect his employees, much less the public – but he is more interested in passing the buck and propping up his political career than fixing Wisconsin’s crime problem,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Wisconsinites want solutions, not excuses.”