2021’s Biggest Flops: Wisconsin Democrats Edition

[Madison, WI] – As Wisconsinites reflect on the events of this year, Democrats are spending New Year’s Eve reconciling with their countless flops that have only improved the electoral landscape for Republicans heading into 2022. 

Check out some of Wisconsin Democrats’ worst moments of 2021:

Tony Evers’ maps go down in flames

2021 was a rough year for Tony Evers. First, Evers’ tax-and-spend budget of liberal priorities, including a $1 billion tax hike, was stopped in its tracks thanks to Republicans in the Legislature, so Evers spent the remainder of 2021 touting one of his biggest campaign promises – the Liberal Maps Commission. The result was disastrous. Evers’ maps ignored the Voting Rights Act and would have disenfranchised over 520,000 Wisconsin voters – leading to a stunning bipartisan rebuke of Evers’ top campaign promise, as seventeen Democrats in the State Assembly, including Minority Leader Gordon Hintz, voted against Evers’ maps.  In the end, even he ignored his “Peoples Maps Commission” by refusing to submit their maps to the state Supreme Court.

Mandela Barnes graduates…for real this time

Wisconsinites won’t forget how Mandela Barnes lied about graduating from college during his 2018 campaign for lieutenant governor. In 2021, Barnes revealed that he finally received his college diploma just 13 years after he originally claimed. Finally resolving the problem hasn’t stopped Barnes from continuing to lie about it, however, as he still tries to characterize his failure to complete his coursework as an “internal error” by the university. 

Josh Kaul deflects blame on disastrous crime lab

Despite making the DOJ crime lab a centerpiece of his 2018 campaign, Josh Kaul’s crime lab has been a disaster in key areas – including finalizing crime scene reports, conducting DNA analysis, processing controlled substance cases, and maintaining efficiency in other areas critical to public safety despite taking on fewer cases. Of course, this month Kaul deflected blame and even suggested to WisPolitics that his failures were not his fault. Finally, Kaul has made more of an effort to protect a convicted rapist than to protect the public from rising crime.

Alex Lasry takes COVID shot heard ‘round the world

Just before launching his now-longshot U.S. Senate bid, New York trust fund baby Alex Lasry jumped the line ahead of grandmothers across Wisconsin to get his COVID-19 vaccine before he was eligible. Of course, this was exactly the kind of special treatment that one would expect from a candidate who has accomplished nothing except for trotting after his billionaire daddy his entire life.

Sarah Godlewski’s voting record (or lack thereof) becomes public

Sarah Godlewski received a slew of damning headlines in 2021. Among the most disqualifying news was the discovery that Godlewski didn’t vote in 2016, despite the fact that she worked for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. As if her serial embellishing wasn’t enough proof of her lack of substance, Godlewski’s lack of a voting record proved that she doesn’t stand for anything other than self-promotion.

Joe Biden makes bait-and-switch bus stop visit

While Joe Biden continues to fail Americans everywhere from inflation to foreign policy, Wisconsinites will remember Biden’s embarrassing bait-and-switch trip last June, when he ditched an Iowa County farm to look at electric buses in the agriculture-centric third congressional district. However, when Democrats fail, Republicans deliver. Derrick Van Orden and Republican legislators held a roundtable highlighting farmers’ struggles under Biden’s failed leadership.

“While 2021 was a difficult year for Democrats, 2022 is shaping up to be even worse,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Wisconsinites can look forward to more flops and failed leadership from Democrats during the New Year, and Democrats can look forward to getting fired on Election Day.”