Kenosha County Sheriff Tells Peter Barca Not To Run Against Bryan Steil

MADISON, Wis. – Peter Barca is thinking about running against Congressman Bryan Steil. That would be a mistake.

Just ask Sheriff David Zoerner of Peter Barca’s hometown of Kenosha County:

“I’m hearing that Peter Barca is considering running against Bryan Steil. That would be a mistake,” said Zoerner.

If Peter Barca decides to return to Kenosha from Madison, he will come to find that a lot has changed in Kenosha since he first entered politics forty years ago. Voters want no part of his open borders agenda. Thankfully, Wisconsinites have a champion for public safety and a secure border representing them in Congress.

“In 2016, Peter Barca fought hard to defeat a bill that would ban sanctuary cities in Wisconsin. Sanctuary cities threaten the safety of our community, and Peter Barca’s position shows he doesn’t take the safety of our community seriously,” said Zoerner. “Bryan Steil is always looking out for Kenosha. He’s in constant contact with myself and other local officials. And he’s supporting policies in Congress that keep our communities safe.”

BACKGROUND: In 2016, then-State Rep. Peter Barca opposed legislation that would have banned sanctuary cities. As human traffickers and drug cartels have wreaked havoc on America, sanctuary cities hinder law enforcement’s ability to keep our communities safe.