A Winning Week for the WisGOP

MADISON, Wis. – This was a very good week to be a Republican in Wisconsin.

For starters, the April 2 Election was a historic success for the Republican Party of Wisconsin and conservative candidates across the state.

Both constitutional amendment questions on the ballot were easily passed by Wisconsin voters. Zuckerbucks and all other dark money interference in election administration are banned.

20,000 more voters participated in the Republican presidential primary compared to the Democratic contest. More than 11% of Democratic primary voters elected to write-in “Uninstructed” or choose Dean Phillips rather than stick with Joe Biden. 

But that is just the appetizer. 

The Wisconsin Republican Party achieved numerous stunning victories across the state for local conservative candidates.

Just check the scoreboard: 

  • Up-and-coming Democratic darling, Mayor Katie Rosenberg of Wausau, was defeated in her first bid for re-election against GOP candidate and Wausau City Councilor Doug Diny. The WisGOP contributed just over $50,000 to Diny, while the Wisconsin Democratic Party spent more than $200,000 to boost Rosenberg in an ill-advised advertising campaign.
  • In Tomah, incumbent Mike Murray was ousted by conservative candidate Paul Dwyer.
  • Across the state, more than a dozen members of the Young Republicans were elected to local offices from circuit courts, to city councils, and county boards. 
  • Our statewide efforts on county boards of supervisors concluded with an almost 80% win rate (79.35%), while almost 500 identified and supported conservatives were elected to county boards across Wisconsin.
  • We had board of supervisors candidates in 58 out of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.
  • Out of our eight target counties (Adams, Eau Claire, Jackson, Kenosha, La Crosse, Marathon, Portage, and Winnebago), we gained seats on six county boards.
  • We flipped partisan control and gained strong conservative majorities with GOP-backed candidates on seven county boards (Adams, Brown, Buffalo, Door, Jackson, St. Croix, and Winnebago).
  • In our four targeted counties for school board races (Milwaukee, St. Croix, Ozaukee, and Winnebago) we secured an 85% win rate.
  • For circuit court judicial races, three Evers-appointed judges were defeated by GOP-backed candidates in Kenosha, Racine, and Winnebago Counties. Additionally, a conservative won a targeted Walworth County Circuit Court seat that had been open.

In total, the WisGOP put in over $500,000 to support local candidates, the ballot initiatives, and drive turnout for President Trump. And the return on investment was overwhelming.