Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidates Violate Judicial Ethics

MADISON, Wis. — In case you missed it, during the Wispolitics Supreme Court forum, the liberal Supreme Court candidates, Janet Protasiewicz and Everett Mitchell showed they intend to be rubber stamps for the liberal agenda on the Court.

While Wisconsinites expect the Supreme Court Justices to apply the law regardless of their personal beliefs or their parties’ beliefs, Protasiewicz and Mitchell have taken it upon themselves to offer personal assessments of the issues of the day and telegraph how they would rule. Protasiewicz presented a clear bias on a matter that likely will come before the Court, repeatedly labeling the legislative maps as “rigged, absolutely, positively rigged.” Mitchell believes “the maps we have now have are rigged” leaving little doubt that he too would push for outcomes that align with his personal views regardless of the letter of the law.  

Lost in their partisan arguments was the fact that Wisconsin Assembly Republicans held the majority for 14 of 16 years prior to legislative maps being drawn by the GOP controlled Legislature, and the fact that Governor Evers’ maps violated the Voting Rights Act.

Protasiewicz and Mitchell are running to be rubber stamps for the left, not open minded members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and made it clear their personal beliefs are more important to judicial rulings than the rule of law.

Dan Kelly and Jennifer Dorrow both made it clear they would only apply the law to the case at hand and leave their personal beliefs aside – fulfilling the responsibilities of a judge to uphold the Constitution above all else.

“Wisconsin has never seen Supreme Court candidates show such willingness to ignore judicial ethics as Janet Protasiewicz and Everett Mitchell,” said Executive Director Mark Jefferson. “The next member of the Wisconsin Supreme Court should not allow their personal opinions to impact their application of the rule of law. These liberal candidates hoping to impose their personal views are running for the wrong job.  They want to be legislators.