Protasiewicz would have thumb on the scale for a far left agenda

Madison, Wis – On Capital City Sunday with host AJ Bayatpour, liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz violated Wisconsin’s Code of Judicial ConductAGAIN

Protasiewicz again broadcast the goal behind her run for the Wisconsin Supreme Court: judicial activism. It’s hard to rely on anyone who embraces the label of ‘progressive’ on issues that are likely to come before the state supreme court to be willing to put aside any personal biases on the bench.

Her repeated labeling of the legislative maps as “rigged” was a gross violation of the Judicial Code of Conduct, and now Protasiewicz has doubled down by again sharing how she would rule on topics including abortion and the legislative maps — continuously citing “her values.” 

“Janet Protasiewicz is once again putting her far-left wish list ahead of Wisconsin law or the Wisconsin Judicial Code of Conduct,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Spokesperson Rachel Reisner. “Protasiewicz’s values are clearly more important to her than remaining an unbiased and impartial judge,” said Reisner.

Make no mistake: Protasiewicz will put her values, bias, and desires to be a liberal activist ahead of her duties to uphold the rule of law and the constitution. But, Protasiewicz doesn’t think that’s an issue. Instead, she half heartedly tried to reassure voters that for a “myriad of issues, there’s no thumb on the scale,” while clearly signaling that she would absolutely put her thumb on the scale for the issues most important to her ideology.