“Make It Up” Mandela Barnes Finally Gets Degree, But Continues to Lie

[Madison, WI] – In 2019, Mandela Barnes lied to the public about having a college degree. Now, ahead of the announcement of his U.S. Senate campaign, Barnes is attempting to clear up his record of lies…with more lies.

Mandela Barnes told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel yesterday that he finally earned his degree from Alabama A&M University 12 years after he originally claimed. Yet in his statement, he said that his “incomplete” grade resulted from a “minor technical issue” and an “internal error” — contradicting Barnes’ previous statements that the incomplete grade arose from work that “never got turned in.” Barnes has always struggled with deadlines and attention to detail, but he should probably get his story straight if he wants to run a serious campaign for U.S. Senate.

“The fact that Mandela Barnes is already being forced to clear up his past lies shows that his impending campaign is off to a rocky start,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “The Senate Democrat field already includes candidates who have jumped the line for a COVID vaccine and lied about their resume, so Barnes should fit right in.”