Josh Kaul’s “Quiet” Announcement Can’t Hide His Failed Record

[Madison, WI] – Democrats have a knack for underwhelming campaign announcements this election cycle–a fitting metaphor for the candidates themselves. After Tony Evers announced his re-election bid over the Wisconsin Democrats’ Zoom call last month, Josh Kaul “quietly” announced his campaign via Twitter thread this weekend.

Of course, staying under the radar is part of Josh Kaul’s re-election strategy. Despite his self-proclaimed emphasis on “public safety,” Wisconsinites have experienced anything but under Josh Kaul’s tenure as cities like Kenosha, Milwaukee and Madison have suffered the consequences of his refusal to enforce the law while Wisconsin communities suffer. Kaul won’t even protect his own employees at the DOJ as his department faces a complaint against Kaul’s hostile work environment.  

“Josh Kaul announced his re-election bid to only a few people in Madison because those are the only Wisconsinites interested in his campaign,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “With his unwillingness to protect the public and his hostile work environment at the DOJ looming over his first term, it appears that Kaul doesn’t want to draw more attention to his disastrous record as Attorney General.”