Mandela Barnes Lied About Law Enforcement Support

The news was embarrassing enough on its own. Mandela Barnes released his list of law enforcement endorsements late last week. It included a grand total of nine law enforcement officials – seven retired and two active law enforcement officers.

But then came the salt in the wound this week. One of Barnes’ two supposed current law enforcement endorsers, La Crosse County Sheriff’s Captain John Siegel, says Barnes lied about his support and he does not endorse Barnes at all.

“This election is about trust and if voters needed any more proof that Mandela Barnes can’t be trusted, look no further than this latest lie,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Chad Doran. “Barnes has lied repeatedly about his positions on the issues, conveniently ignores facts and has demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding of the office of U.S. Senator and that’s why his campaign continues to keep him out of the public eye and away from scrutiny of his preposterous ideas.”

As if it couldn’t be any more humiliating for Barnes, Siegel is a fellow Democrat.