RPW response to Milwaukee Get-Out-The-Vote Partnership with Democrat-leaning Organizations

The City of Milwaukee isn’t even hiding it anymore.

A spokesman for Mayor Cavalier Johnson confirmed his office is planning to coordinate efforts with a Democrat-leaning communications firm called GPS Impact, in what appears to be an effort to help drive up Democrat voter turnout in the city of Milwaukee in November.

Last week Mayor Johnson let slip that city resources, including the city website, and potentially city staff, will be utilized in the coordinated get-out-the-vote effort that is planned to target heavily Democratic-leaning areas of the city. 

It appears the Democrat-led city of Milwaukee is trying to sidestep the law, by working with outside partisan organizations to influence an election. 

“Government’s role is not to try to drive turnout to swing elections in favor of one candidate over another, or to support one Party over another,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Paul Farrow. “RPW will defend against any attempt to circumvent the law and our attorneys are reviewing all legal options to stop this blatant partisan misuse of government resources.” 

RPW is also renewing its demand for the City of Milwaukee to immediately turn over records from the requests filed last week, seeking communications between the mayor, the city, the city’s elections commissioner and GPS Impact.

“If this is an honest attempt to help people get out the vote, then the mayor and his staff should be willing to let the light shine on them and respond to our records request to see how this collaboration came into existence,” said Farrow.