Mobile Billboard Reminds Kenosha about Peter Barca’s Support of Sanctuary Cities

KENOSHA, Wis. – Open Borders Barca fought to protect sanctuary cities in Wisconsin. Mobile billboards will travel around Kenosha County on Wednesday to remind voters that Peter Barca is an extremist who would be mistaken to challenge Bryan Steil.

Wisconsinites expect their elected leaders to support policies that keep our communities safe and secure. Peter Barca’s support for sanctuary cities shows that he does not take the safety of our communities seriously.

“Sanctuary cities threaten the safety of our community. And Peter Barca’s out-of-touch position shows that he doesn’t take the safety of our community seriously,” said Kenosha County Sheriff, Dave Zoerner. “Kenosha and the First Congressional District, need Bryan Steil in Congress. Not open borders politicians like Peter Barca.”

Peter Barca could not be more detached from the people of Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. If he decides to run against Bryan Steil, his campaign will end the same way his last race for Congress ended 30 years ago.

BACKGROUND: In 2016, then State Rep. Peter Barca opposed legislation which would have banned sanctuary cities. As human traffickers and drug cartels have wreaked havoc on America, sanctuary cities hinder law enforcement’s ability to keep our communities safe.