Operación ¡Vamos! Crushes Second Milestone of Election Cycle

Operación ¡Vamos!, the joint effort by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Republican Party of Wisconsin hits another milestone of this election cycle, doubling its September outreach efforts to Hispanic voters. 

 Since it launched in April, the WI Vamos program has now spoken to over 115,000 Hispanic voters throughout the state. That total is now double the number of Hispanic voters reached in September. Doubling the total number of Hispanic voters contacted by the GOP in the last six years combined. 

“As a senator from Wisconsin, I’ve always prided myself in representing all the diverse communities that make up our badger state. I am so encouraged by the exceptional response we are seeing from the Hispanic community in every corner of our state. The Hispanic community believes in the fundamental American dream of faith, family, freedom, and they understand the value of hard work and fighting for the American dream. We invite you to join our fight for freedom this November,” said Senator Ron Johnson. 

The RPW is committed to engaging one of the largest and most diverse minorities in our state, hosting multiple events, voter registration drives, and attending community events and festivals. Hispanic voters in Wisconsin know that their voice matters and that only Republicans can deliver on the policies that will protect the American Dream. 

“The Vamos program is a historic success for the party, reaching Hispanic voters in record numbers and showing them how their values of faith and family align with the values of the Republican Party,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Mark Jefferson. 

RPW looks forward to continuing its Hispanic outreach in 2023 and will continue to welcome more Hispanics to the Republican party in years to come.

“Since the program launched in April, we have received an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm and support from county parties and volunteers from all corners of the state. We are encouraged by the conversations’ volunteers, candidates, and Vamos staff are having since April with Hispanic voters. It is clear that the Republican message of opportunity, faith, family, and freedom has been resonating and we are excited to continue speaking and most importantly hearing from the Hispanic community about the issues they care most about,” said Andreina Patilliet, Wisconsin Vamos State Director.