RPW Staff Spread Across State For Campaign Season

The Republican Party of Wisconsin has completed the most decentralized, comprehensive statewide effort ever during a midterm election cycle, with over 175 field staff working out of all corners of the state, including dozens of campaign offices throughout Wisconsin. To accomplish this ambitious goal, RPW staff were relocated away from the Madison office and into offices around the state.

“From the beginning I have made it a priority as Chairman to make sure political and communications staff were working outside of the Madison office and focused on turning out the Republican vote where the Republican voters are,” said RPW Chairman Paul Farrow. “Several staff have embedded with the campaigns at the top of the ticket out of the Brookfield offices, and others have been organizing volunteers and knocking on doors in every corner of the state.”

In addition, Operación ¡Vamos!, the joint effort by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the RPW, has now spoken to over 115,000 Hispanic voters throughout the state since its inception in April. That total is double the number of Hispanic voters reached in September and doubles the total number of Hispanic voters contacted by the GOP in the last six years combined. 

Only a few of the RPW administrative and fundraising staff have worked out of the Madison office during the election season, while the communications and political staff have largely worked out of offices around the state, with a focus on southeast Wisconsin and the Fox Valley. Data work has been split between the Madison and southeast Wisconsin offices. Though field staff have been assigned to the area, the Madison office has largely been utilized as the base office by the top staff of the legislative campaign committees.

“By knocking on hundreds of thousands of doors, making even more phone calls, pushing early voting and going to every neighborhood in Wisconsin, we intend to turnout massive numbers of Republicans on Election Day,” Farrow said. “We’ve also teamed up with our partners at the RNC and the Republican Senate Committee and hired more staff to do more canvassing in Black and Hispanic communities than ever before. On Tuesday, we’ll begin the process of making government work again for all of Wisconsin.”