Protasiewicz Has No Regrets on Giving Child Sex Offenders No Prison Time

MADISON, Wis – Candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Janet Protasiewicz, doubled down on giving no prison time to child sex offenders, calling it “appropriate” and saying she would not have ruled any differently. 

A recent story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel detailed how on three separate occasions, Janet Protasiewicz gave no prison time to child sex offenders and a mother who starved her child to death. In one of the cases, the child sex offender was charged with re-offending against the same child.

When asked if she would rule differently, Protasiewicz said, “I would say no. If I knew different factors would I? But no. Here’s the situation. Every single case is unique. … I looked at what I looked at in each one of those unique cases and made a decision that I thought was appropriate.” 

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