Headlines Pile on Ron Kind for Massage Parlor Scandal

  • Ron Kind has made thousands of dollars by renting property to a massage parlor that has advertised using suggestive photos of women on websites known to feature businesses that provide illicit sex.
    • USA Today dubbed one website a “Yelp for sex spas.”
  • During a local radio interview with WIZM News, Kind tried to claim that Google’s algorithms were responsible for the massage parlor’s advertisements being broadcast across websites known to assist “happy ending” massage parlors.
    • However, as a company representative told the Washington Free Beacon, Google “‘does not run Google ads’ on any of the illicit massage sites in question.” 
  • The agent behind Ron Kind’s massage parlor tenant is linked to past instances of human trafficking in spas. 
    • Jie Yang, the agent of the La Crosse Asian Sunny Massage parlor, appears to be the daughter of a spa owner who was previously the agent Asian Sunny Massage, as well as a spa in which an employee was arrested for prostitution.
  • Ron Kind continues to dodge questions and even dismiss these legitimate concerns as racist.
  • The fact that a sitting U.S. Congressman could be profiting from a human trafficking operation is serious, yet Kind continues to dodge questions and attack those who raise concerns.
  • The story isn’t going away, so Ron Kind should answer his constituents’ legitimate questions about his involvement with the potential exploitation of Asian American women.

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