School Choice & Reopening Schools

Wisconsin Families Benefit from School Choice

  • Not every school is the right fit for every student. School choice programs allow families across Wisconsin the opportunity to find a school that is the best fit for their child.
  • Wisconsin parents want educational options. 
    • Now more than ever, we should be expanding school choice programs, not crushing them.
    • Since Republicans launched the statewide Wisconsin Parental Choice Program in 2013, enrollment has grown by more than 2200 percent.
    • When Governor Evers refused to take the lead on reopening schools ahead of the 2020-2021 school year, school districts that began the school year virtually had larger enrollment drops than those who had begun at least partially in-person.
  • Now more than ever, while teachers unions are fighting to keep schools shuttered, we should be expanding opportunities for children to obtain a quality, in-person education.
  • School choice programs benefit local communities. Expanding Wisconsin’s school choice programs could result in $3.2 billion in economic benefits to Wisconsin over the next 20 years.
  • Voucher students are more likely to graduate from high school, more likely to graduate from college, and less likely to commit crimes.
  • Governor Evers’ recent budget proposal threatens to take away educational freedom from Wisconsin kids.
    • Evers’ budget includes an enrollment cap on all of Wisconsin’s school choice programs. That means fewer kids will be able to access these critical opportunities.
    • This includes special needs students participating in the Special Needs Scholarship Program, who rely on this program to pursue special education opportunities.

Opening Schools

  • Governor Evers ran for office saying that “what’s best for kids is best for our state.” If he truly believes that, he should call on schools to open immediately.
  • As a former state superintendent, Governor Evers should want to put kids first. Instead, he is prioritizing the needs of his teachers union donors.
    • Governor Evers has received over $150,000 in campaign donations from WEAC since 2018.
  • The science supports getting students back into the classroom.
    • Even Biden’s CDC Director has said closing the schools does not actually reduce transmission rates: “there is more spread that is happening in the community when schools are not open than when schools are open”
    • The CDC Director also noted it’s possible to safely open schools without all teachers being vaccinated.
  • The Democrats’ stimulus bill is not about reopening schools.
    • It only has $6 billion to reopen schools in FY2021. The rest of the funding wouldn’t be spent for years, after 100% of Americans are vaccinated.
  • It’s time for Democrats to stand up to the special interests, listen to the science, and open the schools.

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